Welcome to AA Inter 3

Our agency is located in New York, New York and our aim is to help people get the proper help they deserve to fight alcohol addiction. Our website is updated each day and here is where you can get in touch with our agency and ask us more about the services we can provide for you.

Why choose us

You should choose our agency because we have the aptest staff that constantly works on their skills and knowledge which can help us fight alcohol addiction with our clients. Being alcohol dependent is seriously putting your health in danger, so you should treat it right away.

Education About Alcohol Addiction


Our services include lectures about alcohol addiction, related diseases, alcohol dependence and all the problems which may arise from this condition. We also teach the lectures in our facilities as well as schools and universities.

Alcohol Rehab


Our main service that we provide is, of course, alcohol rehab. We will help you overcome your addiction in the best possible way, and we will teach you how to turn your life around. Our numerous satisfied clients have already vouched for us, and we promise you too will have amazing results.

Professional Psychologists


We offer professional psychological help and sessions with a therapist because it is quite probable that your alcoholic dependence is just a manifestation of a problem that you were not able to tackle on your own.

Our Success


When it comes to our success, we take pride in what we do, namely because over the years we have seen how many lives we have touched and changed. When it comes to our success rate, our data say that only one in ten go back to their old habits after completing our rehab program and leaving our facilities. We are more than proud of all the people who were in our rehab program, and they often return to tell their stories to people who have just checked in rehab with us.

Our Blog

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